What to Look for in a Professional Grading Contractor

Need Your Ground Level Before You Can Build a House?  

Site grading is a technique of changing the slope and elevation of the ground which surrounds a property. Before construction or renovation, this can be done to level out a surface in order to provide a solid foundation. On pre-existing buildings, this is done to improve drainage, and to create a certain look for landscaping. Successful projects sometimes need assistance from professional engineers or a grading contractor.

These experts will first inspect the area in order to properly evaluate all the soil and moisture conditions. Civil engineers could refer to local contour maps in order to correctly find out about any elevation changes and how rainwater gets to water bodies close by. Based upon their advice, homeowners and contractors are able to regrade a property as desired.

One of the biggest worries with site grading is controlling the flow of water. Left unchecked, storm does settle around a building’s foundations, which will eventually lead to rot and potential safety issues. Excess moisture in the soil will impact how plants grow and could lead to marshy or spongy soil.

Using certain grading methods, contractors are able to add French drains in order to capture moisture which settles around a property, and then direct it to channels close by. French drains are metal or plastic pipes which offer a path for storm water to travel to and help to keep this moisture out of the earth. These drains are installed deep in the ground, and the earth needs to be regraded in order to direct water into a drain. Site grading can also mean installing channels or ditches to house or filter storm water so it is kept away from a property.

Contractors use numerous different kinds of equipment when doing site grading jobs. Bulldozers and excavators will be used to haul away or move soil or to fill in any dips on sites. Dirt could be placed in a dumper truck so it can be taken away from a site. Grading machines will then be used to level out and tamp the soil in order to create a smooth and level surface or to fill in any drainage systems. With some applications, cranes and the likes could be brought in to move large boulders in a grading job.

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